Lane's End

The purchase of our 80 year old weatherboard farmhouse has provided a picturesque backdrop for the new country life. The property will be a great example of how to upcycle old housing stock- converting dark rooms with pink walls and 70‘s tiles into an open plan contemporary house for family living.


PLUS the recent approval for the rear cottage to be rebuilt in straw bales will afford us a perfect demonstration home. We look forward to profiling the build in our newsletters and on our facebook page

Jaspers Brush House

This job was a practical demonstration of our commitment to upcyling and renewal of older building stock to minimise wastage and costs involved in keeping up with trends in modern living.


A dated brick house was transformed with weatherboard cladding and a refreshed kitchen into a classic Hampton’s style country residence. The local agent Adam Guthrie was blown away by the reinvention- a very economical way to transform the houses appeal to current and future owners.

Trends in Natural Building

Natural Building is the key new movement in responsible and responsive housing. It is eco building, or sustainability minus fashion and without being corrupted by greenwashing. It’s a different choice- but not alternative one. Natural and responsible building is very rapidly becoming the new norm.


By investing in our skills and knowledge in the green building sector, and trialling new products and systems on own developments, we aim, over time, to show that sustainable housing is no more expensive than traditional builds, is beautiful to live in and elegant in design. 

Whats keeping us busy

Thoughts on the Future

Australian House & Garden

"A busy family life and the desire to prioritise communal space drove the design of this new home on the outskirts of inner Sydney. Stuart Gregor and Sally Lewis, their daughter Audrey, nine, and son George, seven, reside in a modern cocoon characterised by open spaces and functional materials and finishes, all artfully integrated into a single-storey, four-bedroom dwelling designed by Steve Koolloos of Marsh Cashman Koolloos Architects." 

J2 in the press

Green Magazine

"Seamlessly combining a worker's cottage with a contemporary addition is rare. But architect Ed Davis has done just that. In updating an early twentieth-century semi in Sydney's inner-west, he has combined recycled materials that sympathetically marry eras, with a design that uses minimum energy to keep his clients comfortable year-round. It is now a house filled with light and fresh air, designed to be playful to both generations."

Domain East

"This rebuilt worker’s cottage is inspirational on so many fronts – design, environmental credentials, choice of finishes and landscaping.

Designed by Davis Architects and built by J2 Building Services, it possesses a feature many properties lack: soul. The use of reclaimed timbers – brush-box floors, oregon beams, western red cedar batons – give it

warmth and character. Marrying these with polished concrete floors and a grey-and-white palette keeps it all very modern." 



Elegant pictures by craigCloutier Taken from flickr, under creative common. If you keep any of these pictures in your final website, please keep this credit too, thanks

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