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Joe Proud

Joe focused early on forging a career for himself and originally worked in IT services before travelling overseas and then settling down to his trade apprenticeship. Joe is meticulous, and a fine tuner. He takes great pride in attention to detail and is pasionate about sustainablity issues in building.

Taking Joe away from the job is hard-work as he not only enjoys tinkering with motorbikes or his own home renovation, but with ongoing projects for J2. In his down time he can be found with a Coopers Green cheering the Sydney Swans onto victory or getting into the Sydney live music scene.

Joe Proud

About J2 Build

We reckon we're the good guys. The kind that understand what you want and deliver it with a smile. That's J2. Two experienced and Master Builder accredited partners who love their work and are proud of their results.

J2 is the creation of Jacques Dezarnaulds and Joe Proud. We share common values and high-end building expertise. Joe and Jacques have forged a business based on trust, excitement, and flexibility for clients while focusing on the quality and finer details you deserve.

We began our building careers as mature age students, confident that a strong work ethic, an interest in real estate, and a commitment to quality building would sustain us. Our early partnership was formed upon individual strengths and complimentary personality traits.

For any client, making the decision to embark on a building project is a big call. We know that you need us to be pro-active and open to new ideas, at J2 we can adapt as the project advances.

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The J2 family

J2 understands the apprenticeship process from first hand experience and is proud of the nurturing approach they take to their team of apprentices. To date we have retained all of our staff in our team. J2 invest in further education for staff and pride themselves on their ongoing partnerships with skilled sub-contractors.